Welcome To The Masquerade (Mt. Doom) – 2/24/18

QIC – Stark
PAX – Modell, Sideshow, Poodle, Jimmy Dean, Mercy, Buttermaker, Landslide

….Just exiting the pre-ruck where YHC sprained his ankle pretty hard core at the damn start…so this should be interesting Qing a ruck sack welcome party style workout, but here goes…

Mission, 5 core principles

esse quam videri
“To Be, Rather then to seem” is the theme for the GrowRuck coming to the Toledo Region in April.
People see Toledo one way, people thought F3 wouldn’t fly here…well we are BEING something completely different.

The Thang:
Partner Rule in effect!!! Must always be within 5 feet of another PAX or get hit with an escalation Penalty. The Penalty is 10 burpees with sack.

Cadence – did ranndom numbers as YHC tried to fake like his ankle wasn’t an issue.
-Man Maker Burpees
-Flutter Kicks
-Plank Up/Downs
-squat thrusters

-8 count Body Builders
-American Hammers
-Mountain Climbers
-Lat Pulls

Partner/ Group  Work
Indian Ruck
Same as an Indian Run, but no running, just rucking. Last guy double times to front. Around entire high school. YHC was feeling the ankle pretty good by now, so trickery came to ppay. Upon the final 100 yards I used the ankle to tell the group to finish at good pace without me and I would catch up…they did as was told but that meant I was now way more then 5ft from another PAX. They realized they left me, the 6, alone and easy pickings. They called the penalty on themselves. Burpees ensued with packs on.

50 Yard hill work.
I asked for someone to run Betty the Bell to the bottom of the hill. This was another attempt to get one over zealous PAX to run it down solo…but they were not fooled. Two went together to avoid more escalations.

Sprint down as pairs. Then linked arms for 20 Big boy situps at bottom.

Low crawl 50 yards up hill, 5 more 8 count body builders at top. This leg of the hill work took much longer then PAX all thought it would. Gained much respect for a simple movement.

Back down the Hill, As pairs, one pair at a time carrying the 60 pound sandbag.
2-4 PAX performs Ruck Sack drag And 60 lb Rest of PAX does 7 Merkins, 7 Plank-Jacks, 7 Curls until all pairs took sandbag down and back.

Finished with squat hold while passing 60 pound sand bag around circle for nearly 3 mins.

Gave some final thoughts and tips on my very limited GoRuck experience. Best tip I can give, rely on each other and draw strength from each other.
NOR, COR, Modell was the 6, BOM…many prayers for the youth of this world struggling to find good healthy opportunities to be heard. May we be the strong, compassionate, male mentors they need.


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