40 Minutes of Hell! (The Gauntlet) – 2/26/18

QIC – Poodle
PAX – 10 – Landslide, Peepers, Virus, Bourbon, Shakira, Kasper, Tupac, Spaulding; Poodle
It was a beautiful dry 35 degree morning in the gloom, the Pax were ready to start the week strong. We did a review of the F3 Principles and got right into the workout:
The Thang:
-Warm up in cadence with 25 side straddle hops, 20 windmills, Michael Phelps OYO, then mosey around the school.
40 Minutes of Hell Beatdown consisted of the following:
-Partner up with 1 partner jogging backwards approximately 50 yards, performing a “Bobby Hurley” then showing off their best jump shot (towards the end the jump shots turned into set shots) then jogging back to switch with Partner 2. During the jog the opposite partner is performing the following exercises until the team reaches the total:
1st half:
-100 Burpees
-200 LBC’s
-300 squats
After a very short halftime break we started the 2nd half:
-300 arm circles
-150 merkins
-300 imperial walkers
*There were many racing challenges throughout the workout mainly led by Bourbon, great way of pushing the PAX
The group finished with 2 rounds of Guantanamo. Some of the best Rage, ACDC, Eminem, Metallica & Tupac were added background for the workout.
-Kasper was the 6 and shared his name was from lagging at the first ruck he caught up unnoticed like a ghost on the group. Impressively he EH’d himself and we’re glad to have him out with us!.
BOM – Prayers for the upcoming babies on the way, for chemistry at work, for a 1st grade accounting presentation, and for our kids to be safe in school.
Great work this morning boys, I appreciate the opportunity to come to Pburg to lead such a strong group

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