Three Volley Salute (Faith Hill) – 2/26/2018

PAX: Rooster, Colonel, Brita, Dauber, Jimmy Dean, Splinter, Ticket, Mickey, Trinity, Wake, Brut, Mayor, Rose, Mailman, Kitty, MadDog, Ollie, Pixar, Scrooge, Froman, Gadget, Bluto, Glitch, Mayhem, Coxworth, Modell, Worm, Dauber, FNG “Oral B”

Q: Woodstock

Started with pulling FNG into the circle and making sure to cover the 3 F’s, Mission, Core Principles, Disclaimer.

Warmup: mosey to AO, count off by 7 (took some work;) and disperse to station.

The Thang:
7 stations, 3 exercises. a hill. 3 minute timer.
Station 1) 10 reg burpees, 7 manmaker burpees, 5 broadjump burpees.
Station 2) 20 squat jumps, 10 LT Dans, 10 Kitty kicks (2 is 1)
Station 3) 20 wide merkins, 20 regular merkins, 20 close/diamond merkins
Station 4) 25 lbcs, 10 absolution, 10 Imperial Walkers
Station 5) Crowd Pleaser – Groiner to Merkin (1:1) pyramid to 5, then back down and up again.
Station 6) (w/coupons) 15 bent over rows, 10 overhead press, 10 curls
Station 7) Bear crawl to cone and back the whole 3 minutes.

Every 3 minutes we will run up the hill and when you come down go to the next station – the faster you got up and down the longer you could “rest” before next round.

Ended with COR, Name the FNG, Mayhem the 6, and BOM.

Moleskin – thanks for giving YHC the Opportunity to lead at Faith Hill today, it was a blast. It was a nice change Q’ing 30 vs 8-14, was really cool coming back down the hill through a wave of HIM pushing it to the limit. I am gad everyone got a turn on “Charlotte” – we all love her out in the Burg, so we wanted to share that love with you on a Monday to start your week off right.

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