Attack the Gloom on Mt Doom —> 3 S’s & 2 T’s (Mt. Doom) – 3/3/18

QIC: Colonel and Splinter
PAX: Wake, Trinity, Froman, Friday, Nails, Balco, Mailman, Mercy, Bluto, Mr. Belding, Oral-B, Goose, Scrooge, El Chapo, Colonel, Mater, Mickey, Splinter

18 PAX gathered at the peak of Mt. Doom ready to put in work on a crisp Saturday morning. The temperatures were cool but the sun was on the horizon ready to greet us. There were no FNG’s so we went right into 5 core principles and extensive disclaimer that surely made everyone aware of the risks at hand.

SSH x 25 IC
Mosey down the driveway, around the wildcat (which got the PAX mumbling that YHC was confused on the loop…however it was all part of the plan on the fly), and continued back through the grass to the precipice of Mt. Doom.

The Thang:
YHC asked the PAX to partner up and get ready for a little competition this morning.

Partner Race:
Partner 1: Run 3 Hill Sprints (all the way to parking lot curb)
Partner 2: Crawl Bear up Mt. Doom to the curb and sprint back down.

Switch and Repeato.

YHC was quickly asked for a demo of the crawl bears up Mt. Doom however had in fact practiced it before as to not break the unwritten rule of (if you can’t Q it, don’t do it). The PAX seemed VERY excited to get started on these so we got to work.

Mercy joined up after the switch as there was an emergency nature calls situation at the start of the beatdown. He did however attack that crawl bear up Mt. Doom and pushed through to the top!

After the switch we mosey’d back up in a serpentine fashion and back around the wildcat to the parking lot for Colonel to lead us in a circle of pain.

Colonel COP:

50 seconds on with 10 seconds to rotate and start next exercise
Stations as follows:
Manmakers with 15 lb dumbbells (burpee with dumbbells)
American hammers next on rotation
Manmakers with 20 lb dumbbells
Plank jacks on rotation
Slam balls – 25 lb slamball – ball above head and throw down catch it on bounce in full squat and repeat as fast as possible
Plank on rotation
Slam balls – 15 lb slamball
American hammers
60 lb sandbag squats
Plank jacks
60 lb sandbag squats
40 lb rucksack overhead doing Klinger kicks
American hammers
40 lb sandbag Klinger kicks
Plank jacks
40 lb sandbag Klinger kicks

After 1 round pax complained there was too many core exercises. So YHC switched it to burpees in b/w each weighted exercise. Thus ab corner turned immediately into burpee corner with manmakers. Careful what you complain about…

Made it all the way around two times (abs in b/w, then burpees in b/w)

On 3rd time around pax whines about excessive burpees – jump squats in b/w became the new exercise allowing for their to be a squat corner with the 60 lb sandbags. We only made into a few of the jump squats before we mosey’d back down to the bottom of Mt. Doom to close out the beatdown with a favorite of YHC and now the PAX:

Partner Merkin/Suicides switching every minute.

1 Minute:
Partner 1: Run’s suicides (20 yards)
Partner 2: 20 Merkins

We switched every minute for 10 minutes so each PAX ran 5 minutes of suicides and did 100 merkins.

We circled back up to the parking lot for COT, Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Get to know the 6. Balco was the 6 and shared with us his F3 journey and how Bluto got him to come out his first F3 workout.

Prayer Intentions for Android’s wife, for the troops, and for any other intentions we may have missed.

-Colonel had a late de-committ on the pre-ruck so there was some concern he wouldn’t show for the beatdown however the fellow co-q, while cutting it close, was there on time and prepared.
-PAX were also fans of pre and post partner competition moseys…lots of “Q doesn’t know where he’s going!” and “What the hell are we doing??”…feeling the love for sure.
-COP produced some excellent mumble chatter which is always a plus. Lots of form tips and suggestions passed back and forth across the circle. The best transition that YHC witnessed was Mater rolling for about 4-5 stations…never having to get off the ground. Efficiency at its finest.
-Colonel stated that his balls “might not slam very well.” which no one really understood until we saw Wake figure it out with some solid slam and catch on the bounce action!
-There was some merciless gas being spread throughout the circle…wondering if there is a lexicon term for this, T-claps for anyone that A.) figures it out or B.) comes up with a good name.
-Colonel’s BB also states that the rest was 10 seconds on the rounds of COP which YHC believes many of the PAX would challenge the rest was that long. Froman said he thought there was too much downtime.
-THE Mickey and Mater experienced some injuries during Partner Merkin/Suicides but recovered quickly and pushed through the pain.

Thanks for the opportunity men, an honor and a pleasure as always.

Splinter and Colonel

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