February 2019 Ruck Pre-Blast

The February 2019 Ruck will take place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7 am – 10 am at Oak Openings Metropark in Whitehouse, OH. Quadre Chew Toy is in charge.

5404 Wilkins Road Whitehouse, OH 43571

Meet at 0700 at the Buehner Center with packed ruck. There may or may not be coupons. Please plan for conditions accordingly. The plan is to ruck until 1000.

Packing list

  1. Ruck with at least 20# plus water, food, other supplies
  2. Water to sustain for 3 hour ruck
  3. 1 water bottle
  4. Food for nourishment
  5. Card with medical information
  6. One patch on ruck
  7. At least one Reflector
  8. Extra batteries
  9. Dry socks
  10. Candy bar
  11. Non -perishable food item
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