Bushwood (Ottawa Park)

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Date(s) - 10/08/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Bob Vance-Vance Refrigeration

Ottawa Park @ Toledo Police Museum


boot camp, Toledo

Bootcamp Style Workout.

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  1. Cobra Commander
    Cobra Commander says:

    AO – Bushwood
    QIC – Cobra Commander
    PAX – Dauber, Gap, Dr Nik, Beaker,Bob Vance Refrigeration, Jimmy Dean
    We started at 5:30 with the core principles and did 30 SSH,, then we got right into it.
    We ran over to the amphitheater, where all of the work took place. Today’s beatdown 9 Stations set up 25 reps of each Movement in order were Hand Release Merkin, flutter kick 2 is 1,Squat thrusters (with Block), Kettle Bell Swings (With Block),Little Baby Crunch, Decline Merkins Use the Wall,Jungle Boi Squats,Dips, Use the wall and Big Boy Sit ups. Broke up into 3 teams of 2 (last team had 3). When the one team mate was doing the movement the other person ran up and down the stairs twice. whoever finished first from the team, SSH were done to while away time.
    After the completion of time, we ran headed to the parking lot for the COT.
    Dr Nik was the 6
    Announcements were made Flo weekend. A new French song was introduced La Meme by Madire Gimm. challenge was to Gap to guess the song for the opportunity to win lunch. Glad he couldn’t guess it as I had plans with my wife to take her to lunch, would have been Awkward with the 3rd wheel.
    Talked a little bit about lyrics of the song
    We take boxes, we put people in it without ever understanding them . Like men are made of a thousand of boxes, those boxes we take are never large enough, I am too complicate, I”ll never fit in your little boxes.
    I live from Day to Day.
    Prayers were said for Leah, Daubers late aunt and Daubers sons friends Dad passing.
    It is always an honor to lead, my true workout VQ.


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