Faith Hill (Northview HS)

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Date(s) - 02/10/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

Affectionately coined Faith Hill since it is one of the few hills in Toledo area. Bootcamp style workout that typically takes advantage of the hill during the 45 minute beatdown.

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  1. Matt Yarder
    Matt Yarder says:

    QIC – Stark, TuPac
    PAX – Irish Springs, Biggie, Isosceles, Ollie, Rubble, Sipe, Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration, Bullock, Ticket

    The Thang
    The “Arm and Hammer”
    Each PAX will need 3 weights:
    ONE Weight of Choice approximately 25-35 pounds. Cinder Block is recommended but Ruck Plates, Kettle bells, Dumbbells, or similar will work.
    TWO Laundry Detergent* containers of approximately 128 fluid ounces. These will be donated to Cherry Street and YWCA after beatdown.

    *You DO NOT have to bring laundry detergent to participate in this beatdown. You may also bring any 2 other weights ranging from 5-10 pounds such as dumbbells, gallons of water, kettle bells, etc. If you want to bring a smaller container of detergent to donate and heavier weights for the beatdown that works as well.

    The THANG
    Place Heavy weights (25-35 pounds) at one end of designated area.
    Place 2 smaller weights (5-10 pounds each) at opposite end of area at approximately 50 yards away.
    Place a line of cones at 25 yards to divide middle of area.
    PAX line up shoulder to shoulder with their heavy weight.
    -Perform 20 Curls AND 20 Bent Over Low Rows with Heavy weight, Bear Crawl 25 Yards, once at center line pop up and Sprint 25 yards to smaller weights.
    -Perform 1 Forward Shoulder Raise and 1 Lateral Shoulder Raise, Bear Crawl 25 yards back to Center, pop up and Sprint 25 yards back to heavy Weight.
    -Perform 19 Curls and 19 Rows, bear crawl back to center, sprint to smaller weights
    -Perform 2 Forward Shoulder Raises and 2 Lateral Shoulder Raises, Bear Crawl, Sprint
    18 Curls, 18 Rows, bear Crawl, Sprint
    3 Forward Shoulder Raises, 3 Lateral Shoulder Raises, bear crawl, sprint
    …. Until
    1 Curl & 1 Row and 20 Forward and 20 Lateral Shoulder Raises are completed

    …and WOW the shoulders were wrecked by the end. Props to the PAX that maintained the bear-crawling the entire duration.

    We did this across all three Monday Toledo AOs, Geppetto leading in Perrysburg and Mailman leading at Buddy Bunch in Toledo. We collected over 110 containers of detergent to be donated this week to Cherry Street Mission and YWCA. Impressive work by the HIMs of F3 Toledo!

    COR, NOR, Ollie was the 6, and prayers of praise and thanks for long time dads and new dads. Prayers of hope and healing for sickness and those dealing with a loss.

    Always an Honor
    Always a Pleasure


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