Faith Hill (Northview HS)

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Date(s) - 12/07/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

Affectionately coined Faith Hill since it is one of the few hills in Toledo area. Bootcamp style workout that typically takes advantage of the hill during the 45 minute beatdown.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    AO – Faith Hill
    QIC – Mole

    “A day that will live in infamy”

    Wanted to give some respect to the veterans today as today is the 79th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The goal was to surprise the PAX with something they were not expecting. The surprise was a mix of sets with unusually high rep counts.

    PAX – Splinter, Minnie, Koresh, Thong Song, Rubble, Ollie, Johnny, Kasem, Bambi, Colonel, Mickey, Trinity, Poodle, Cogsworth, Tucky, Ozzie, Danica, Mayor, Jeter, Tupac, Brute, Irish Springs, Mole as Q. .

    We started at 5:30 with the core principles and instructed to modify as needed, then we got right into it.

    The workout was broken into 4 stations and PAX were broken into 4 groups with each group starting at their own station.

    Round 1 – 10 Man Makers, 20 Mike Tysons, 30 Planks with Knee to Elbow, 40 Squats
    Round 2 – 50 Overhead presses, 60 Lunges, 70 Big Boys, 80 Merkins
    Round 3 – 10 Burpees, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Leg Raises, 40 Feet of Wall Walk
    Round 4 – 50 Block Curls, 60 Toe Touch Sit-ups, 70 Count Bear Crawl, 80 Side Straddle Hops
    We got through 4 rounds a litte sooner than expected to we started at the top and got another half of a round in.


    Special acknowledgment was to remember Pearl Harbor. 3 of the PAX had relatives stationed there during the attack.
    Ollie was the 6
    Announcements were made.
    Prayers were said.

    It is always an honor and a privilege to lead.



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