The Ruckus (Harroun Park)

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Date(s) - 11/05/2019
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Harroun Park


ruck, Sylvania


What the ruck is a ruck?  A hike with a weighted backpack (approx 30 lbs) while stopping along the brisk walk to do some invigorating exercise. Excellent 1st F (fitness) and 2nd F (fellowship). If an FNG (Friendly New Guy) is a bit timid to post for a workout the ruck is a great intro to the pax.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What: Ruck
    Where: Harroun Park
    Q: Billy Bob
    PAX: Jimmy Dean, Tweety, Extra Extra, Pixar, Bluto, Johnny, Beaker, Cousteau

    The description for the event was vague. This was done on purpose. Late on the eve of the event, I mentioned that gloves would be useful. Quickly 2 PAX member de committed from the event and chose to run instead. Their lose. As the PAX began to show up, I was pleasantly surprised. I had brought several coupons for our ruck and decided I would only use a certain amount based on how many showed up.With 9 total PAX, I got to pull out all of the coupons. They included 2 40-60LB sandbags, a cinder block, and a log. The coupons were switched out a few times during the ruck to try and give the PAX equal opportunity to make themselves better.

    We ended a few minutes early due to my hard out, but still managed to get in over 3 miles. Our ruck ended with COR, NOR, announcements, and prayer requests in the COT. Prayers were raised for Extra Extra’s mom who was having surgery today and for our troops and first responders.


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