Mt. Doom (Northview HS)

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Date(s) - 08/24/2019
6:00 am - 7:00 am

The Q:

Northview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

Affectionately coined Mount Doom since it is one of the few hills in Toledo area. Weight training workout that typically takes advantage of the hill during the 60 minute beatdown.

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  1. Modell
    Modell says:

    “The Hill, The Hill. O, How I’ve Missed Thee”
    Date: 08/24/2019
    Time: 6:00 AM – 6:45 AM
    Location: Mount Doom @ Northview High School
    QIC: Modell
    PAX: 21 – Valdez, Trinity, Dirty, Link, Bluto, Smails, Sipe, Belding, Brita, Scrum, Simons, Mickey, Minnie, Klinger, Tucky, Bullock, Sideshow, Jake the Snake, Gadget, Mary Lou, Modell

    The morning kicked off with F3 principles, a you vs. you affirmation, and group warm up.

    Tis been a Jupiter moon’s minute since I last laid eyes upon you. Mine hands upon thy frozen tundra. Mine feet chopping up thy puddled blades of a grass. Alas, I have returned to you and you unto me. Letteth us get it in and putteth in the works.

    Ding, Ding, Ding…Let’s get it on!

    Plank marches
    Footwork ladder drills
    Plank marches

    Around the clock (30 sec)
    Around the clock, counter (30 sec)
    Partner handstand walks

    Drunken mountain climbers 2×15
    Hill ladder (up & down)

    Merkins and Burpees were used as penalties throughout.

    Twas a great reunion, though mine cadence was frought with disapproving eyes.

    COT: COR, NOR, KNOW-YOUR-6, Announce-o-Rama, BOM.

    Thanks for the opportunity to Q!
    – Modell


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