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Date(s) - 11/17/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Bluto and Mercy

Northview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

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  1. Dauber
    Dauber says:

    Another 9 Innings
    QIC – Dauber
    PAX -14 – Mailman, Scrooge, Wake, Jeter, Ticket, Cousteau, Tidwell, Minnie, Deuce, Bluto, Garth, Mercy, MacMurray
    Prologue – Forgot the Liberty with close to 200,000 was low on oil, so I added a quart and like Samwise and Frodo crossed my fingers and headed to Mt. Doom. Upon pulling into the parking lot realized that Northview must be where the early Casino bus pick up is or I, the Dauber was about to set a record for Mt. Doom attendance, as cars littered the lot and some turd in a White Minivan forced the first of many Omahas.
    The Thing (Non-John Carpenter) – started a few ticks after 6:30 due to Garth “We were supposed to bring a weight?” Ticket hauled ass to grab an extra cinderblock while DJ Bluto and I prepared to kick out the jams. F3 explanation, mission, and principles were expertly delivered after an attention- getter I use in the classroom “hey, STFU!”
    PAX warmed up in the bullpen to “The Boys Are Back in Town” (Thin Lizzie) We jogged around the cones (in some form of quadrilateral) stopping periodically for SSH, X-country skiers, or arm circles while running.
    The Innings would consist of rotating between 2 exercises – exercise, move to next corner, switch exercise, move, rinse and repeat until the inning (song) is over.
    1st Inning Surf Wax America (Weezer) – 20 Merkins, 20 Squats w/ weight. About Merkin 15 I thought 20 may have been a bit much
    2nd Inning Living for the City (Stevie Wonder) – 10 Swings, 10 Curls – Hacksaw may have taken issue with my form after 3rd rotation.
    3rd Inning Would?(Alice in Chains) – 10 Big Boys, 10 Lunges w/ weight. RIP – Lane Staley
    4th Inning Hurt (Johnny Cash) – 10 Pointers, 10 Supermans – Tidwell (among others) questioned the choice of Hurt as workout music. Important to note most acts of genius are not appreciated in their time.
    Mound visit – shared one of my Joe E Browne stories that I tell one of my pitchers when they are getting all puckered up – would love to share but worry F3 Nation may claim it as their own and send a cease and desist order if I later try to use it in my memoirs.

    5th Inning Pass the Mic (Beasties) BEAR CRAWL – Jog really screwed the pooch here – was supposed to be the next song (shortest on playlist) instead it felt like we were BCing to Stairway to Heaven
    6th Inning Peaches (Presidents of United States) – 10 Thrusters / 10 Diamond Merkins
    Great to see Wake find his smile; after the pure, unadulterated misery of the The FRog II I was worried it may have been wiped from face of the Earth.
    7th Inning Unknown Thought (PJ) – WoodChoppers/ Farmer’s Carry with a partner – one partner FC’ed around the quad other “chopped” wood on the wall – switch and repeat. I hit the partner lotto getting paired up with Deuce whose skin grafts have healed nicely since Froman’s “Chain Gang Ruck”.
    8th Inning Harder Than You (Public Enemy) – Tough to beat Flavor Flav as a set up guy…I hear the Tigers are thinking of signing him to a minor league deal. 10 Tricep / 10 Crunchy Frogs.
    9th Inning Taper Jean Girl ( Kings of Leon) – 10 Splinter Kicks/ 10 Shoulder Presses
    Wake made it a point to note that Nolan Ryan never needed extra innings

    With a bit of time left over I wanted to show the “Robin Ventura” where an elder PAX puts a younger PAX in a headlock and turns the pup’s face into Ground Beef but with Bluto’s impending fame I thought the better of it and we wrapped up chucking some footballs around (dropped balls = Bear Crawls). A few throws in a one thing was clear, Matt Stafford’s heir was not among us.

    Moseyed back to the flag for CoR, NoR and CoT
    Intentions for a healthy baby Blutette and the DelVerne Family
    Shared the following “”One of the things that old people know is how much you need friends to get through things, and how useless it is to make enemies. I look back at myself, as a youth, and I see myself a fool. “ – Bill James

    Thanks to DJ Bluto for providing me with this opportunity and the 12 other dudes for putting in the work and the hilarity.


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