Pride Rock (Pacesetter Park)

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Date(s) - 08/26/2020
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp Style Workouts.  Lots of lands and lots of possibilities. Meet near field #4 by the gazebo.


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  1. Vince
    Vince says:

    4 Station Pain Prognostication

    PAX – 16 Mauna, El Chapo, Belding, Oz, Goose, Mick, Link, jake the snake, Simmons, Speedo, Mary Lou, Bluto, Sipe, Houdini, Wall-E, Pixar

    Intro – unplanned wrestling match. After the 14 men got an eyeful of me taking down a 6’6” monster (2 points) Chapo came back w an arm bar (1 point) and a neck crank (1 point) – tie… we got after it.

    1) Grass Drills – follow my leads. Get Em chopping. Roll right, left and various movements like that.

    2) 4 stations – some stations 20 reps, some 15.

     Starion 1 – 20 reps
    – a.merkin down position hold 1 min*
    – b. Praying Mantis*
    – c. plank jacks – add shoulder taps
    – d. squat twists*
    Then run to the first bench en route to the water tower

    Station 2 – 20 reps
    – a.merkins
          b. Air squats
       c. Klinger kicks
       d. Imperial walkers
    Then run to shelter en route to wall

    Station 3- 15 reps
    – a. Wide merkins
    – B. Lt dans
    – c. Bridges
    – d. Air Drama – calves*
    Then run to b-ball diamond

    Station 4 – 15 reps
    – a. Hand release
    – b. Side lunges
    – c. Carolina dry docks
    – d. Stump huggers
    Then run to red barn and back

    3)1-1-1 gasser burpees – no one cares how well you can execute a drill


    Cot – prayers for Trojan and Houdini’s wife.

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