Side Cut Metropark (Hamburger Hill)

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Date(s) - 10/15/2018
5:45 pm - 6:30 pm

The Q:

Side Cut Metropark



Bootcamp style workout. Park on North lot by Silver Lake. Large MetroPark by the beautiful Maumee River. There are trails, playground equipment, large fields and parking lots. Plenty of room to explore this AO. Oh and did we mention the sledding hill. You will often find the Toledo PAX getting full use of this elevation…and you will soon understand why this is called Hamburger Hill!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Five Pax gathered at Hamburger Hill to enjoy a beatdown, not in the gloom but rather in the early evening.
    Beatdown began in the usual way, F3 mission statement and 5 core principles. Follwining this we went into warm-ups:
    Michael Phelps
    Windmill in cadence
    Side Stradle Hops in cadence (21s). The Q failed in his counting so we were punished with burpies and another round of 21.
    After this we continued the warmup with a 1/2 mile Indian run that incorporated a cinder block and 30 pound chunk of steel as coupons. The person at the back was required to run to the head of the line carrying the coupon then passing it back.
    As we returned the starting point we encountered an FNG making the PAX count six. The Q had heard an FNG might show. He was welcomed to the beatdown where a game was played.

    The game, roll a pair of dice and see what exercise and reps.
    An orange Di determinee the exercise and quantity and the green di added a multiplier or additional to the reps. Details as follows:

    Round 1
    1=Burpies (10 + Green Dice)
    2=Sit-ups (20 + Green Dice)
    3=Side Straddle Hops (30 + Green Dice)
    4=Flutter Kicks (Orange x Green Dice)
    5=Burpies (Orange x Green Dice)
    6=Absolutions (Orange x Green Dice)

    Intermission – bear crawl up Hamburger hill, crawl bear down hill.
    Round 2
    1=Lieutenant Dans (10 + Green Dice)
    2=American Hammers (20 + Green Dice)
    3=Mountain Climbers (30 + Green Dice (4 count))
    4=Merkins (Orange x Green Dice)
    5=Sit-ups (Orange x Green Dice)
    6=Absolutions (Orange x Green Dice)

    Wind Down
    PAX was given option to bear crawl up Hamburger hill, crawl bear down hill or run up and down carrying coupon.
    After Hamburger hill, we finished with a 3 round Guantanamo.

    Count-o-rama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements naming the FNG, now called “Thai Guy and COT
    PAX= Paperboy, Thai Guy, EVOO, Houdini, Bagles


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