Side Cut Metropark (Hamburger Hill)

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Date(s) - 10/29/2018
5:45 pm - 6:30 pm

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Side Cut Metropark



Bootcamp style workout. Park on North lot by Silver Lake. Large MetroPark by the beautiful Maumee River. There are trails, playground equipment, large fields and parking lots. Plenty of room to explore this AO. Oh and did we mention the sledding hill. You will often find the Toledo PAX getting full use of this elevation…and you will soon understand why this is called Hamburger Hill!

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  1. Tom (Bagels) Russell
    Tom (Bagels) Russell says:

    F3 workout 10/29/18 at Hamburger Hill (Sidecut Metropark)

    Pax: Tupac, Thai Guy, Ignition, Bagels (Q)

    • Warmup
    o Side straddle hop (Jumping jacks) x20
    o Michael Phelps
    o Windmills x20
    • Cardio round 1
    o Run to hill, bear crawl to top, run back
    o Burpees x15
    • Core round 1
    o Bicycle in cadence to 20
    o LBC (little baby crunch) in cadence to 40
    o Plank jacks in cadence to 20
    o Merkins x25
    • Cardio round 2
    o Run to top of hill and back
    • Quads
    o Squats x25
    o Monkey Humper x20
    • Partner exercises
    o 1 holds low plank, other jumps over partner. 20 jumps then switch.
    o Wheelbarrow (partner holds ankles while crawling) to end of field. Switch roles and head back to start.
    • Core round 2
    o Leg lift situps (V-Ups) in cadence to 20
    o Side plank in cadence, counting to 20 seconds around the group for each side
    • Partner round 2
    o Paddy jack merkins with partner x20
    o Partner sit-ups x25
    • Arms
    o Incline merkin x15
    o Decline merkin x15
    o Tricep dips x15
    • Cardio round 3
    o 20 jumps onto bench and back down
    o 20 up/downs


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