The Ant Hill (Stranahan Elementary)

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Date(s) - 11/12/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Irish Springs

Stranahan Elementary


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp Style Beatdown enjoying everything nature has to offer. This site offers a Playground for pull-ups, a large field full of …you guessed it…ant hills, and secret access into one of our best MetroParks.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    QIC: Irish Springs

    The Thang: 1st Annual F3 Masters Disc Golf Tournament

    Started with 5 core principles followed with a lap around the school as a warm up.

    Workout: Pax will play each hole by themselves. The amount of shots it takes to get the disc in the hole, is times by the reps of each workout listed on the cone. (Example: Hole 1 5 MERKINS, 4 strokes = 20 MERKINS). We counted off in numbers to find out which hole you would throw from and got after it!

    Hole 1 5 Merkins
    Hole 2 10 LBC
    Hole 3 7 Squats
    Hole 4 4 Burpees
    Hole 5 5 Carolina Drydocks
    Hole 6 6 Imperial Walkers (2is1)
    Hole 7 7 Lunges
    Hole 8 8 Mike Tysons
    Hole 9 9 Klinger Kicks (2is1)

    Ended with COA, COT, Announcements, Prayer

    Pax: Poodle, Brute, Kasum, Tupac, Mayor, Mailman, Pinewood, Danica, Thongsong, Dr. Nick, Smails, Jimmy Dean, Beaker, Mole, Costanza, Irish Springs.

    Always an Honor to Lead!
    Irish Springs


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