The Crucible (Cherry Street Mission)

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Date(s) - 12/24/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Mr. Belding

Cherry Street Mission


boot camp, Toledo

Bootcamp Style beatdown in the spacious parking lot outside of the Cherry Street Mission’s Life Revitalization Center.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    PAX = El Chapo, Klinger, Dauber, Romano, 8 mile, Huffy, Van Gough, Moana, Rocko, Pacer, SideShow, Sweetness, Stark, 5’O, Wolf, Mayor, Rocket Man, Mr. Belding

    As GAP would say, “Darn near 20 (19 PAX) came out for a Christmas Eve morning beat down”. The theme as the 12 Days of Christmas, so we did a Christmas Pyramid consisting of the following:

    1st day 1 x Jog
    2nd day 2 x V up + roll up (crunchy frog)
    3rd day 3 x Side Straddle Hop 4 count
    4th day 4 x Plank jack shoulder taps
    5th day 5 x Burpies
    6th day 6 x Absolutions
    7th day 7 x Big Boy sit-ups
    8th day 8 x Lt Dans
    9th day 9 x Merkins
    10th day 10 x Plank Up Down
    11th day 11 x Surenders
    12th day 12 x Imperial Walkers

    For those that finish the ladder, bonus round is 12 of each exercise, then reverse the order

    Not much “RESPECT” was given to the 56 year old Q, as comments were made about the playlist possibly being the worst in Toledo F3 history, keeping in accord to the Q at times being the worst dressed in Toledo. People hating on the Jorts! The suggested beat down name was the Samuri Tupac Christmas beatdown. The 12 days of Christmas was in Japanese (we think ) and a comment was made that I may have purchased the playslist from

    We ended with announcements, COT and outside coffeeteria compliments of Mayor. Many PAX stayed for coffee and breakfast. All around a great way to begin Christmas Eve morning.

    OH, Mr. Belding forgot the flag and TuPac went back after being several miles on his way.


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