Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 12/17/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

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  1. Poodle
    Poodle says:

    Come Celebrate the Big 4-0!
    Q: Poodle
    Location: Faith Hill
    Pax Present: Dollywood, Tidwell, Kitty, Bluto, Mickey, Brita, Speedo, Beaker, Hedgeghog, Scrooge, Tweety, Dirty, Bogey, Mailman, Minnie, Greenpeace, Mole, Mayor, Mater, Jeter, Bullock, Commodus, Poodle, Welcome new FNG’s Josh “Prince” Erd & Chris “Dexter” Posadny

    The Thang:
    Started the Birthday celebration welcoming the group and FNG’s as well as covering the 5 core principles.
    Went for a light jog around the wildcat to not exert too much wasted effort running!

    Q went over the 5 stations with some commentary on the times reflective of the era at each year of the station.

    5 Stations:
    1978 (not much time spent in this decade so minimal commentary): 19 push ups; 7 burpees, 8 lieutenant dan’s

    1988 (80’s hair bands, mullets, and mustaches at their peak): 19 squats, 8 diamond push ups, 8 horsey ups

    1998 (Grunge, plaid and abercrombie and fitch in full effect-Q still too young to drink legally, needed to leave the country to be legal): 19 American Hammers, 9 hand release push ups; 8 donkey kicks

    2008 (Great recession, financial crises, seemed like a great time for Q to get married and have a kid on the way shortly after-bad sign both Q and M work in banking in 2008!): 20 Cinder Block Presses; 08 jump squats; 08 big boy sit ups

    2018 (Q too old now to keep up with pop culture, starting to think new fashion trends are “dumb”): 20 LBC’s; 10 wide push ups; 18 calf raises

    (All the above done with a playlist that encompassed each decade)

    Down the hill run and Bear Crawl up in between stations

    To celebrate the birthday we finished with a 40 count plank to give the arms and chest a break from push ups
    Dirty was celebrating number 41 today so he led the group with 41 pickle pounders, started the first 20 in a slow rhythmic motion, switched positions and finished with a fast paced heavy breathing cadence.

    Finished with COR, NOR, named two FNG’s (Welcome Dexter and Prince).
    COT-Prayers for everyone traveling and anyone with health issues.
    Great start to the other side of the hill with my F3 Brothers, always appreciate the opportunity to lead!



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